Donald Trump: The Man, The Fraud, The Big Lie-spiracy

A I Lawal
2 min readJun 16, 2022


So…Donald Trump and his team lied.

Not just about one thing; multiple…things.


Revelations galore this week as the former president is put under immense pressure for his involvement in the January 6th Insurrection of the Capitol Building in the United States of Amerikkka.

It is currently Day 3/4 and already, the theme has been repetitive — one of fraud, intimidation, blatant lies, delusions of grandeur, and psychopathic tendencies that put the K in the Kremlin, have all been shown so far.

My thoughts on Donald J. Trump have been unwavering.

He is a monster!

I tweeted many years ago, that I’d watched a documentary on him — a 1–1 interview when he had a strong hold on the U.S market, with his leaning ‘Tower of Racism’, I mean Trump Tower in the 1980s.

He was asked how he does it.

Control the stock market, following his father’s footsteps, creating a ton of wealth [now generational], amidst one of the biggest recessions of the time?

“Whenever there’s a crisis…that’s the time to strike.”

He has orchestrated everything…from the very beginning.

In a way, he is brilliant.

A mastermind.

He could have used his power, influence, and affluence to build a better America but psychopaths never want others to have anything; look at Putin and the war in Ukraine right now.

Everything Robert Greene said, in his infamous book ‘The 48 Laws of Power’, can be seen, clear as day.

Provided you want to see it.

Here are the facts so far:

  • Trump knew he had lost the election to Biden but decided to declare victory anyway…to stoke the long-burning, the fire within America’s seedy underbelly [which was mostly the manipulation of the racist theory, ergo #MAGA]
  • Unaccounted money collected from Americans who wanted to literally live in and ON Trump Avenue…embezzled. A staggering amount of $250m of taxpayers’ money is currently unaccounted for.
  • Rudy Guilliani was apparently drunk on Election Night — he denies it, vehemently.
  • Trump paid himself and all his staff, including a $60,000 payment for the rally ‘Stop The Steal speech— en emphatic 2min cacophonous, unfounded, rant from Kimberley Guilfoyle ….which equates to roughly $400 a sec. [bearing in mind, America is and has been experiencing an unprecedented rise in the cost of living.

Multiple offenses as such would have the average American in jail faster than you can say “grab them by them p-”, alas…not Donald J. Trump.

At least not yet.

To be continued…



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