Hey recruiters…what if I told you, you don’t have to be a dick?

A I Lawal
5 min readDec 2, 2020

The first rule of being a recruiter is: You do not have to be a dick. The second rule of being a recruiter is: You do NOT have to be a dick!

Before we get into this, don’t you just love the header image for this post?

Pretty epic isn’t it :-)

Ok, ready?


To recruiters worldwide, please, please, PLEASE learn the above title. If you must, make it your new mantra, study it ever so closely and STOP being dicks to your candidates — a little care goes a long way. You have absolutely no idea what they are going through, besides looking for a job.

Let’s leave the fact that 2020 hasn’t unfolded the way it has; let’s leave the fact that we haven’t been ravaged by a global pandemic, let’s leave the fact that Trump isn’t still being a colossal asswipe or let’s leave the fact that we aren’t about to have the weirdest Christmas we’ve ever had probably in the history of mankind.

Just…be…nice. Lest you go on the naughty list!!!

I documented this entire ordeal on my Twitter page so for a more hilarious context, feel free to read here and perhaps give me a follow however I will highlight the key points in this post.

First things first recruiters, I think a lot of you forget what your actual role is but moreover, I think when it comes down to it, you forget who actually works for who. Yes, we know of your so-called quotas and the remunerations packages with bringing a top-notch candidate in front of a client. Shouldn’t that make you want to treat them nicer? Have you forgotten your ethics training? To quote Black Eye Peas…where is the love?

If you know me, I am quite harsh with recruiters; I have wadded through the best and worst of them through my many years under the capitalistic thumb so I can spot the tell-tale signs of the ones who genuinely care for your progression and those who just see the dollar sign by your name [yes, just like in the cartoons].

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