It’s a bad time…

It’s a bad time to hate someone simply for the colour of their skin.

It’s a bad time to be a racist.

A bad time to be a racist organisation, brand or company.

A bad time to be compliant in the known and documented systemic oppression of black and brown people all around the world.

A bad time to tout diversity and inclusivity yet not live up to it.

A bad time to be the first to be searched in the streets at any signs of uproar.

A bad time to be centralised, demonised yet sexualised as a niche, amongst the many.

A bad time to quell the hubbub of racism in the workplace because it’s not “on brand”.

A bad time to silence and hold back promotions and accolades from black coworkers because they don’t fit the ‘social’ label, because they chose not to attend Friday night drinks. (or any day of the week drinks)

A bad time to tell a black coworker “it’s either you come into this department change with a positive attitude or we’ll have to take it HR”, when they suggest otherwise.

A bad time for white employees with zero experience being gifted roles simply because they’re…white.

It’s a bad time to shoot someone for jogging.

It’s a bad time to shoot someone for having a toy gun.

It’s a bad time to lynch someone in a cell after they’ve been arrested.

It’s a bad time to sell CDs, to sell cigarettes, to wear a hoodie, to wear a glove.

It’s a bad time to send someone to their death during a global pandemic without adequate protection.

A bad time to kneel on someone’s neck for 8 long minutes, until they cry for their momma, who’s also deceased.

It’s a bad time to aim at the complete erasure of a culture that you so willingly love, one which you enjoy through its fashion, its music, its women, its food and many more.

Frankly, it’s a bad time to be a racist.

Whether blatant or subtle, you are at fault and it’s a bad time.

If you’ve seen it in any way, shape or form and not said anything, you are compliant and it’s a REALLY bad time.

Because in a society insistent on racial differences and prejudice, to simply be accepted, be treated fairly and equally…means we NEED to chant #blacklivesmatter.



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Dreamer, day philanthropist. Hector Rivera of languages, take a dive with me and see what’s underneath.