The Perfect Woman?

A I Lawal
3 min readNov 8, 2021
Jessica Rabbit

As a growing young-ish man, the recurring question that gets posed around me was/is…

“How come you’re [still] single?”

Over and over again, young men are haunted with this same question and many do not know how to reply, besides shrugging their shoulders or giving the typical “I’m just not ready.”

Many are in fact ready; they just neglect what their mind, heart and soul is telling them.

Here’s my own personal reply before…

“I’m not sure, I’m just not “there” yet”. I have options but I don’t want to settle...I want the perfect woman.”

Now…however, I think I know what I want in my woman.

I want a woman who takes care of herself; emotionally, physically and psychologically. I want a woman who respects her family, wants her own but not forcefully [not everything must resort in immediate marriage].

Emphasis on the physical aspect; I want a woman who other guys get jealous of when we’re out, buns of steel with a heart to match. Someone emotionally stable, who refuses to crumble under pressure because life really isn’t a box of chocolates.

I want a woman who values herself, coy yet confident.

Likes routine but when Friday comes and I say ‘baby we doing that thing, with the thing’, she’s ready with the…latex; puts me in my place especially when I’ve been naughty. [the kids too].

I want a woman who beliefs in the sanctity of marriage, loves God but is not a Jesus freak. I want our kids to grow up in the suburbia of good faith and scriptures — learn good morals from having a damn good mother, little like my own mother.

Albeit, hypocritical…I would not wish for my kids to be pressured into/by religion, end up revolting, becoming an atheist/nudist or anything else with -ist at the end of it.

I want a woman who doesn’t play the immature games of today; instead knows the ones to keep me enticed…enough to stop me from being complacent.

A I Lawal

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